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To provide consultation and programming for customized projects.


Microcontroller Based Embedded System

Provide embedded system solutions based on 8051, Rabbit Semiconductor, ARM.
  • Customized signal conditioning circuitry
  • Robot for pipe line inspection
  • IRDA Hot Test Tester board with PC interface
  • Wireless remote controlled basketball scoreboard
  • Customized rotating mechanism control with DC motor
  • LED Tester (Open/Short and Orientation) using 8051
  • Switching Board for LED Tester (test 3 die in single LED) using 8051. Alphanumerical LCD display the program selected, serial E-EPROM to store the setting and reed relays for the switching.
  • Video Signal Control box (cut off video V Synch signal) using Jackrabbit board and relay.
  • Optical Density Measurement System using uC with RS-485, I2C serial EEPROM & ADC
  • Ethernet Remote IO Module

PC Based Projects


PC based projects using Visual Basic or Borland C++ Builder

  • Slitting machine using PC based control. servomotor driven main drive and re-winders stations.
  • DAQ - Data Acquisition on process parameters; temperature, pressure, etc
  • Power quality monitoring using Powermeter and MODBUS on serial communication
  • Semi-automatic Test Sorting Machine using Digital IO cards and PC.
  • Automatic machine powered by Soft PLC. Hardware required are IPC, profibus card and remote IO module.
  • PC Ethernet Networking (Link to PLC & Remote IO modules through Ethernet)
  • PC Base Multi Function Tester for Flexible Membrane Switch Panel
PLC Based Projects

PLC based projects using NAIS, OMRON, SIEMENS

  • Silo and material transfer control using Siemens S7-300 PLC
  • DAQ - Data Acquisition on process parameters; temperature, pressure, etc
  • SCADA System using PLC for data collection and PC with SCADA software for monitoring purposes.
  • CIM projects with linking OMRON PLCs through Ethernet networking, Serial PLC-Link networking and DeviceNet networking.
  • HMI touch panel programming (NAIS, Proface, HAKKO)


We can arrange training at customer site

  • PLC training: OMRON and Siemens
  • MCU Programming and Interfacing
  • VB or Borland C++ Builder programming
  • Industrial related

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