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Arsoft International

Visual PLC turn a PC to become a PLC with remote Profibus IO or PCI Card.

Visual IO is the HMI software for display the machine status, alarm, production info, etc.

Arsoft also have software for connecting MODBUS devices through Serial and Ethernet communication





MX Solutions

Customized Products

Tester / Tester Board Solutions:

  • PC based Flexible Membrane Switch Tester
  • LED Tester (Open/Short and Orientation) using 8051
  • Switching Board for LED Tester (test 3 die in single LED) using 8051. Alphanumerical LCD display the program selected, serial E-EPROM to store the setting and reed relays for the switching.

PC based and Microcontroller based projects

  • Laboratory Temperature Monitoring with Alarm Output
  • Optical Density Measurement System for Aluminum Coating on CPP Films
  • Customized MCU based Controller Card

Training Program

  • PLC Training (OMRON and Siemens)
  • MCU Programming and Interfacing
  • VB & Borland C++ Builder Programming



INEX Thailand provide cost effective experiment boards, uC training kit and robotic kits for hobbies & engineer.

Microcontroller Kit for 8051, PIC, dsPIC, BASIC STAMP, JAVELIN STAMP, MSP430, Motorola, etc








OpenPicus is open source Hardware and Software wireless platform born to easily enable Smart Sensors and Internet of Things. You can develop your applications on modules using the free IDE. 



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