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OpenPicus is open source Hardware and Software wireless platoform born to easily enable Smart Sensors and Internet of Things. You can develop your applications on modules using the free IDE.

Modules are low cost and well industrialized to let your ideas go straight to the market!

What types of application you can create?

  • Wireless web-server (sensors, home automation...)
  • email client (security...)
  • TCP socket (remote control)
  • RS232 Serial over Wi-Fi
  • Audio over Wi-Fi


It's modular. Different types of modules are mechanically identical and pin to pin compatible to each other.

Software Framework:

Based on freeRTOS to manage Protocol Stack and Application. But you don't need any expertise about OS or Stack!
Serial Bootloader flashed on modules, you don't need a programmer
Development tool: download now the Free IDE to start development immediately

Web Site: http://www.openpicus.com/cms/