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Voltage Monitoring Board


32 Channels Voltage Monitoring Board

  1. Customized voltage input 10V-100V with 12-bit resolution ( can be customized to any voltage range)
  2. Advanced 80bit MCU with 16MISP with built-in 4KRAM and 4KB EEPROM.
  3. 32 Dwi-Color LED controlled by I2C IO expander IC to show the voltage is within the limits or outside.
  4. 32 channels analog input using 4 8-channel SPI-ADC IC
  5. Serial port for data monitoring and setting
  6. 3.2" Color LCD with touch screen allow user to key in setting and monitor the voltage
  7. Screen saver feature on the LCD
  8. Small and compact data acquisition board. Optional: Data can be stored on micro SD card
  9. Optional RS-485 communication and ZigBEE wireless communication
  10. We can design customized current sensing board or 4-20mA or Thermocouple Input board


Machines’ Productivity Monitoring System




Machines’ Productivity Monitoring System

  1. Customized Embedded Controller Board for each machine, tapping the Tower light signal and production counter.
  2. Advanced 80bit MCU with 16MISP with built-in 4KRAM and 4KB EEPROM used in the embedded controller board
  3. Industrial PC with converter or serial com ports (16 or more) to collect the data from embedded controller board.
  4. MXMCMON program run on the IPC, collecting data with time stamp, duplicate data and store at PC server.
  5. External PC link to PC server able to generate report and view machine status with special programs.
  6. Customized reporting also available.
  7. 46" Color LCD TV to display the machine status at the production floor.

Audio Amplifier 5W

Embedded audio amplifier for embedded application.


Inspection Robot

Inspection robot for pipe line inspection


Multi Function Tester - Perform Insulation Test, Open/Short Test and Resistance Test on Flexible Membrane Switch Panel software allow user to create test program script file and perform the testing based on the script file. testing time for Resistance test - 70ms (included pusher down time) and 50ms for OS test. test can be performed by external test equipment and test condition can be configured (Max Test signal allowed is 250VDC) Matrix Control Box contains a PCB with relays for test signal switching purposes and isolation circuitry for resistance test..


Optical Density Measurement System - Check Optical Density for Metalized Plastic Films Microcontroller based control system. communication to link transmitter and receiver units to computer with monitoring software. Serial EEPROM for storing last recorded data. ADC with 12bit resolution for 0-5V input. Width Modulation output to control the LED 635nm light intensity IC to convert 635nm light intensity to 0-5V. with monitoring software installed. ODMS Software provide trending & data collection functions .

Picture shown transmitter units arranged in one side, and receiver units on opposite side (not shown)

ODMS software runs on normal PC with 20 Stations

ODMS software runs on Panel PC - 12 Stations


HOT Test Tester Board for IRDA product 

Hot Test Tester Board - Check Open/Short Circuit and Voltage Across anode and cathode of an IRDA device during hot test testing 8-bit Microcontroller based control system. ATMEL ATmega1280 MCU with 100pins, 128KB flash program memory, 4KB SRAM and 4KB EEPROM and 16ch of ADC with system clock at 14.7456MHz. Thus achieve approximately 14MIPS. 128KB non-volatile SRAM to store ADC measured data. voltage reference ICs are used. sampling at every 1ms for 5s for 10ch ADC = total of 100KB of data storage. I/O for handshaking and out test result. to PC software to display the individual IC result in one lot though USB connection. software provide wizard to configure test script file and download to tester board through USB.

Wireless Score-Board


Basket Ball Score Board with Wireless Remote Control 8-bit Microcontroller based control system. ATMEL ATmega128 MCU with 164pins, 128KB flash program memory, 4KB SRAM and 4KB EEPROM and system clock at 14.7456MHz. It used in the scoreboard master controller board and remote control board. Both boards have wireless module allow wireless communication in 45fts (or more) open area. display board (7 segment and light indicate) has AT89S51 and AT89C2051 Microcontroller with RS-485 communication at 19200 baud rate. are able to customize the scoreboard to suit other games.

5 Digit 7 Segment Display Board



4” 7segment LED module 8-bit Microcontroller based control system. be used as production counter, monitored value display like temperature, pressure, rpm, etc through RS-485 port. 2 isolated digital input for speed measurement or one analog input 0-5V

LED Analog Tester Board

LED Analog Tester Board - Check Open Circuit, Short Circuit and voltage Across LED Microcontroller based control system. 5V (current limited by resistance to <10mA) to LED, with 5V Zener diode detect open/short circuit. Input/Output for hardware handshaking with machine handler(24VDC PNP) for the test result. test results are sent to PC to display on the monitor. test procedure can be downloaded from PC to tester. test pins for picture above (another model can support up 16 test pins).


Laboratory Temperature Monitoring with Alarm Output System based control system. Interfacing Box channel thermocouple input (channel 1 can be used as standard reference in order to get accurate reading) Port to communicate with PC sound file when reached gel time and reaching the peak temperature time and temperature will be stored in a database file reading relative to time is stored inside a CVS file has time to do other task while testing is performed.

USB/RS485 IO Board powerful ATmega1280 with 128KB Program Memory, 4KB RAM and 4 KB EEPROM. to serial bridge IC allow USB connectivity with PC through virtual com port. isolated digital input points (capable of either to sink or source current) isolated digital output points (sink current) come with either USB connectivity or RS-485 connectivity com port's or RS-485 port's baud rate can be selected at 115200bps, 57600bps, 19200bps. data bits, none parity and 1 stop bit. serial commands to read IO status or set the output status.

* For customized board, please contact us.



ATmega128 MCU Board  v1.1 & v1.2 powerful ATmega128 with 128KB Program Memory, 4KB RAM and 4 KB EEPROM, with 2xUART, ISP, I2C, PWM, Analog input (8channels). to serial bridge IC allow USB connectivity with PC reset circuit and system clock and RTC clock can be programmed with ISP programmer MCU pins are connected to external connector allow user to configure the system according to his need only design the IO/Base board for his own application without worry about handling SMD IC. is low cost and suitable for undergraduate to use it in his final year project or hobbyist who want to learn MCU. Engineer can use it in his embedded system project. with CDROM contains compiler tool chain, sample code and programming software. Sample codes are Blinking, Serial Comm (Interrupt & Polling), Timer, Digital IO, Alphanumerical LCD interface, ADC, PWM, EEPROM, Watchdog, External Interrupt, I2C, SRF-05 Interface and etc. USB cable not included.

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